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I remember sitting underneath my Mum's cutting table collecting the scraps of fabric and making them into costumes for my Barbie dolls or miniature Circus Big Tops to go with my toy lorries; I was about 6 or 7. Over time I picked up skills from, and was taught by my Mum to sew. I studied textiles at school and devoured all the information I could. Being a circus artiste meant I could not have the luxury of going to college in one place but on the other hand on the Circus we always had  our own tutor and I travelled to many, many countries. Worked in lots of places from Circus, Cabaret, Pantomime, Luxury Hotels and even on board a cross channel ferry! All the while helping my Mum sew and then making my own costumes [ I used to design and build my own illusion props too but that is another story] My first order for a costume was when I was 17, I have been taking orders since then. I am now well into my 50s and I make anything  which can be sewn as well as upholster. Items I have made range from Drapes to Saddle Covers and from Crystal Corsets to Feather head dresses..... I work with all types of fabrics and materials, anything from leather to Lycra and steel to chiffon. If you cannot see what you would like contact me with your request and I will get back to you.

Tamara Hassani

I  have to give credit to my Mum Tamara Hassani who taught me everything I know. Sadly we lost her in 1988, Mum  is still here with me in spirit.

Lambchop in satin.jpg
We can’t believe it’s a year since this

This is Fudge, he is a Jack Russell Chihuahua cross. We have had him since he was 7 weeks old, he weighed less than 800g. He keeps me company while I'm working.

Milo keeps both Fudge and I company while I work. Milo came to us at nearly 2 years old but has fitted into our family perfectly. he is posing with lambchop, his favorite toy.

Amy is the newest addition to

our family. We were fostering her and after a week with us we decided we could never let her go. She is a little madam but loved Fudge & Milo as much as they love her.

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